The Good, the Bad and the Fugly: Garageband IOS Edition


When I started making music with computers, I got a crunchy (literally, remember the white polycarbonate?) Macbook off of Craigslist. Part of the deal was a legit license for Logic 8 and a few plugins. Starting off with what I still consider a very professional DAW right away caused me to turn my head, like a snobby ass, away from Garageband users and spit on the ground when they walked past… okay that’s ridiculous. In real life, I simply considered it a toy; a software designed for the bedroom singer songwriter who ends up with a horrid sounding demo. I didn’t even install the Garageband sound banks compatible with Logic.

Well I’m writing this post to say I was wrong. Dead wrong! Though I’m still an avid Logic user, I probably use less than half of it’s capabilities. Had I not gotten my license essentially free, Garageband IOS Garageband would have been…

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