The Act of Finishing


I’m a 36-year-old musician. I’ve been playing music seriously since the age of 16. Over 20 years most would expect to see a large catalogue of music…they don’t. Why? Because most everything I’ve ever written is unfinished. It sits in a notebook, or in one of two massive 4 terabyte hard drives or it’s been clanging around in my brain like an itch that can’t be fully scratched. I just cannot seem to cross that finish line and because of it, I’m still out looking for meaningless work and always keep at least one leg in the box 📦 of depression I keep in the corner of my studio.

In that box lives moments like my father telling me he showed an unfinished track off an album to a very well known producer and that person said “he doesn’t have what it takes.” In that box is two separate, career…

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