MOD Duo X – Step One: Put Your “Everything” in a Box


                                                  One Box to Rule Them All!

As a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys looping, my dream setup includes a bunch of instruments (guitars, keys, percussion, etc…) connected to a mixer with a sub group/aux send where I can decide what instrument or loop can run to that sub/aux containing effects to manipulate my sound on the fly.

What my dream setup was always missing was a small footprint, high quality device to give me a plethora of audio effects and MIDI control. Something to replace my bulky stereo effects pedals, my non-stage friendly laptop, and also give me new possibilities to explore.

Well, the wait is over. The MOD Duo X has arrived and it is literally a dream come true. mod-devices-duo-x-first-assemblyAt about the size of large…

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